The Institute's mission

The Institute of quantum wave medicine and the information field is an innovative research Institute dedicated to fundamental research and development in the field of living quantum physics and interdisciplinary scientific approaches that carry a huge potential for the transformation of quantum science and medicine technologies in the coming decades.

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The Institute of quantum wave medicine

The Institute is engaged in research of scientific ideas and experimental possibilities for the discovery of new principles and phenomena in quantum Biophysics, creating scientific bases for the application of quantum wave techniques in medical practice.
We are guided by a deeply scientific idea that there is a quantum information platform for greater integration of interdisciplinary connections and various theories, which will allow us to explore a completely new layer of telematics phenomena and the nature of human consciousness.

Next Generation Technologies

A new era of technologies that are enriched or based solely on the principles of quantum synergy and quantum control is coming. Therefore, our mission is to prepare an absolutely scientific theoretical and experimental base of new physical phenomena, contributing to the solution of the most complex problems of modern quantum physics of living and quantum control, finding a wide range of applications for the development of a new branch of quantum wave medicine. Recognizing the impact and prospects of our scientific work in this field, our task is to study and create fundamentally new quantum wave interfaces for the development of next — generation information technologies.