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Medical device "Signature Resonance Therapy"

The "Signature Resonance Therapy" installation is diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, the principle of which is due to a pulsed electric field formed between two spherical balls protruding as plates of a volumetric spatial capacitor. The human body is placed in the free space between two balls. It takes an active part in the interaction with the balls' electric field due to the strongly pronounced capacitive properties of the fractal geometry of the body systems.

The installation consists of a sinusoidal pulse generator, a modulation unit that transmits a signal through a transformer coupling, a measurement unit that picks up a resonance signal through a transformer coupling, and two smooth polished metal balls - transmitting and receiving.

The installation operates as follows: the system of resonant balls is scanned together with the human body, and the characteristic modulating frequencies are determined for which the human body absorbs energy. After determining these frequencies, the three most active frequencies are selected. Next, a person is exposed to an electric field with variable density at one of the selected modulating frequencies, while the degree of energy absorption is measured. When a saturation effect is detected, the setting switches to the second frequency, and the process repeats. A similar process occurs at the third frequency.

The therapeutic effect of this installation consists in restoring the frequency and energy properties of the body's systems with pronounced capacitive parameters, which enhances the immunity, regeneration and health restoration processes.

Vortex Harmony Therapy

The therapeutic mattress (Vortex Harmony Therapy) has 12 coils that interact with the human body through pulsed electric fields. This effect is mostly due to the capacitive properties of biological tissues, pronounced impedance dispersion.

The coils are switched on in a non-inductive mode and provides for several modes of operation at resonant frequencies with different modulation and a combination of coil switching.

A sine wave generator supplies alternating voltage to coils with a carrier frequency of 300 kHz in antiphase on the left and right sides of the mattress. The modulation frequencies are selected in such a way as to synchronize the body with natural electrical processes in the Earth's atmosphere and create optimal conditions for therapeutic effects.

The dynamic electric field created by the coils has a toroidal shape and a pulsed geometry of the field strength lines. This field interacting in this way with the human body's capacitive media and biological membranes ensures the natural passage of energy processes in the body's cells and tissues. It helps to increase immunity and improve many metabolic processes.


The therapy on the device RedRay developed by our institute includes a multifactorial and rather extensive body effect. Photons' emission produces quantum photonic biomodulation in the range of red and near-infrared light with wavelengths of 635 nm, 810 nm, 850 nm, 940 nm. Some of which acquire circular polarization and affect the molecular and submolecular levels.

The absorption of energy determines all photobiological reactions by photoacceptor molecules (chromophores) during light irradiation. Waves of the specified length are not thermally absorbed in the mitochondria of body cells, which activates metabolic energy processes and leads to effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory therapy. The use of red and near-infrared light RedRay reduces oxidative stress and the amount of nitric oxide in biological tissues, effectively improves the cellular environment's parameters and blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and stimulates the production of antioxidants. Near-infrared light quanta help increase ATP production several times, thereby increasing the energy potential of cells and contributing to the regeneration and healing of damaged tissues.

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One of the most important advantages of using quantum photon modulation in the near-infrared range is its pronounced anti-inflammatory effects, which involve both local and systemic mechanisms, including preventing tissue death and reducing degeneration in many neurological indications.

External infrared energy can activate the so-called oxygen-dependent and oxygen-independent pathways based on the interactions of the physiological aqueous medium and light. The infrared radiation creates interfacial EZ water as a selective rechargeable electrolytic biobattery. In bulk aqueous phases, protons are released and transported, membrane signaling pathways are activated, and transmembrane ion channels are modulated. Infrared energy in oxygen-dependent pathways is directly involved in the synthesis of high-energy molecules called nucleotide phosphates, including ATP synthesis. Interaction with water and light in oxygen-independent pathways results in photoinduced non-linear oscillations in water involved in providing energy for cellular reactions, including metabolism, signaling, and gene transcription. Infrared quanta also act as a mechanism for transmitting signals through photosensitive or thermosensitive ion channels (ion pumps and molecular motors).

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In the case of photons with circular polarization, the top of the wave's electric field vector moves in a spiral oriented along the direction of propagation of the electromagnetic wave. In this case, the effect on the body acquires an additional active spin-field component capable of interacting at the submolecular level, where the fundamental properties of chirality and circular dichroism are manifested in the natural biological environment (optically active). For example, the alpha-helix, beta-strands, and disordered regions and the double helix of nucleic acids have characteristic manifestations of circular dichroism of spectral signals that characterize their structures.

Special optical methods in biophysics have proved the absolute relationship between an organism's aging and changes in its submolecular fundamental optically active properties. With age, the optically active properties of biomolecules become less pronounced and often acquire opposite signs.

With the use of therapy on the RedRay apparatus, where absolutely verified methods implement the technology of circular polarization of photons, induced circular dichroism occurs at the submolecular level of the body, which, in turn, leads to the renewal of the optically active properties of biomolecules and helps to prevent and slow down the aging process. Exposing cells to right-hand circularly polarized light significantly increases type 1 procollagen mRNA expression and leads to a faster wound healing process. By combining quantum photonic biomodulation factors with active polarizing components, we obtain a unique technique for the renewal of many processes in living cells, biological tissues, and body systems.

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The device RedRay also implements the technology of treatment with far-infrared radiation (FIR) in the wavelength range emitted by the human body (5-25 microns). The use of FIR-therapy requires understanding and knowledge of the interaction of electromagnetic radiation in a given range with biological elements (including cells, cell membranes, cellular fluids - especially the physiological aquatic environment, DNA / proteins). The FIR wavelength is too long for the eyes to perceive, but the body perceives this energy as soft radiant heat that can penetrate under the skin to a depth of 5 cm. The FIR energy is sufficient to induce rotational and oscillatory modes of movement in molecular bonds (including water molecules) and also resonate with cellular frequencies. Far infrared radiation can activate fibroblasts, increase collagen synthesis and growth factor expression of certain types of proteins. Far infrared-induced antimicrobial properties can effectively reduce a wide range of bacterial contamination, particularly reducing Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli outgrowth by 99.9%. Many clinical studies have confirmed FIR treatment of arthritis, osteoarthritis and muscle soreness. Far infrared waves promote regeneration and rapid healing, improve blood circulation, and increase the metabolism between blood and biological tissues. This technique is also aimed at removing accumulated toxins, improving lymph circulation, and delivering nutrients to cells.

In addition to the realized photonic technologies of near and far-infrared light, the RedRay system is equipped with a special subsystem of a pulsed electric field of volumetric geometry with a carrier frequency of 300 kHz and modulation frequencies of Schumann resonances, as well as derivatives of the Schumann frequency in proportion to the golden ratio. They are interacting through an electric field with the human body's capacitive properties inherent in all biological membranes and a branched system of alternating dielectric and conducting biological media. The 12-channel system of non-induction flat coils provides a more natural passage of energy processes in the cells and tissues of the body, synchronizes the body with natural wave processes of electrical nature in the Earth's atmosphere, creating optimal conditions for therapeutic effects and improving many metabolic processes and energy metabolism.

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Based on the many effects of exposure, the RedRay system is intended for use in the treatment of chronic and acute conditions for detoxification, analgesia, lymphatic drainage, relieving inflammation, improving microcirculation and metabolism at the cell level. It is recommended to use this therapy for the pathology of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, spondylopathy, arthrosis), the peripheral nervous system (radicular pain symptoms, polyneuropathy), the central nervous system (degenerative changes, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic stress, depression), chronic pathology gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, urinary, skin diseases, as well as for the complex treatment of various diseases in the conditions of using one device and general health improvement.

Wave Interference Biodynamics

Wave Interference Biodynamic Apparatus

Biodynamic wave therapy is a unique and effective technique that affects deep biomolecular processes in living cells.

Get support for the latest discoveries in the field of biophysics, based on the fact that the collection of the most important organic units of living cells is an electromagnetic resonator, tuned to the radiation of very high frequency in a specific set of nested harmonics. His technique works with 12 frequencies of radiation of energy quanta, their interference, and phase relations.

Based on the fact that the disease is a condition with an abnormal wave or vibrating properties of biological cells and tissues. As well as characterized by the transition of a living system or its components in a disharmonious state oscillation, this technique aims to inconsistent loosen all health wave processes. Simultaneously, the superposition of electromagnetic waves of the same length in antiphase in the zone of the therapeutic effect produces a specific effect on the body's molecular and membrane structures (including the elements of the nuclei of living cells). It has the property of electrical capacity and electric charge. Thus, electromagnetic energy transfers to an electrical nature's oscillatory processes within an organ or the whole organism.

The technique, using the radiation of a set of open concentric oscillatory circuits and interference between different waves, aims to restore the body's frequency and energy characteristics, mainly at the cellular and macromolecular levels. The influence of the apparatus of wave interference therapy on the conformational order of biomolecules can lead to the ordering of natural life processes and each cell's energy metabolism. Since tumor cells cannot increase the vibrational level of energy with which they interact, the use of biodynamic therapy using radio-connected vibrational circuits allows such cells to restore natural life processes, or else leads to their destruction and pathological molecular and genetic abnormalities.