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Department «Quantum Physics of the Living and the Information Field»


The Department «Quantum Physics of Life and the Information Field» studies the fundamental foundations of the phenomenon of Life, considering its dynamic quantum-wave nature at all levels, including supramolecular field structures with discrete levels, quantum numbers and characteristic frequencies that can carry fundamental information.


Quantum physics of Life is based on the fundamental principle «Life comes from Life» and includes a scientific analysis of the phenomenon of consciousness inherent in all forms of life, as an inseparable feature of the particle of Life, thus considering the ontological integrity of life, and not only its fragmentary manifestations, which are studied by other medical and biological Sciences. The information field in the quantum physics of the Living, represented as a fundamental ontic level and combining the objective and subjective levels of reality, allows us to consider the individuality of each quantum event and all other parameters of order in living systems, which are not justified by any strict causality within the framework of phenomenological models.


Practical application of knowledge and laws of quantum physics of a Living organism is connected with the study of quantum macro-dynamic phenomena in self-consistent field processes of a living organism that determine the structure of quantum levels of the system and energy spectra of supramolecular field structures, as well as the study of feedback processes of quantum-wave structures of the human body, which are manifested at the level of corresponding wave functions in the form of a shift of a certain phase of the quantum process and lead to interaction at the level of quantum correlations, in the future, showing its influence on self-consistent field processes of electromagnetic nature.
Quantum physics of the Living also finds its application for medical purposes using the apparatus of statistical physics to study correlations of quantum-wave nature in terms of information entropy and the fine structure of the frequency distribution of quantum processes.

The Department «Quantum Biophysics»

The Department «Quantum Biophysics» is engaged in the study of quantum biophysical effects created by connected groups of cells that are necessary for the processes of intercellular communication, interaction with vibrational frequencies of biomembranes, a variety of biomolecules and enzymes present inside cells, as well as the study of biophysical aspects of quantum photon reception of the cytochrome system, endogenous and exogenous processes, various enzymes of the tricarboxylic acid cycle and other biomolecular structures in the mitochondria of living cells.

Quantum Biophysics is also engaged in the study of modern skyrmion technologies and their application in the field of quantum wave medicine. The formation and manifestation of field skyrmions at the molecular level of Biosystems in the environment of standing waves and pronounced gradients of electromagnetic potential is studied.

The practical application of knowledge and laws of quantum Biophysics is associated with the scientific justification and development of technologies to influence the processes of mitosis and homeostasis in a holistic and integrative manner, the use of quantum wave medicine in cases of numerous inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, the use of skirmion technologies for the treatment of Oncology and other complex conditions at the biomolecular and cellular levels, as well as the use of various biomolecular mechanisms in the treatment of mitochondrial dysfunction.

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Institute of Quantum Wave Techniques

The Department «Quantum Radiophysics»

The Department «Quantum Radiophysics» is engaged in the study and application of modern quantum Radiophysics technologies and developments in the field of quantum wave medicine. Quantitative measurement of the characteristics and types of waves required for fundamental interaction with quantum levels, vibrational resonant frequencies, and other mechanisms of quantum reception of biological objects is being developed.

We study the application of the basic laws of quantum electrodynamics and skirmion technologies to create innovative devices, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic complexes.

We conduct scientific research to improve quantum interfaces for interaction with the information field.

The Department «Quantum Medicine»

The Department of Quantum Medicine conducts clinical research using quantum wave techniques and the information field, frequency, pulse and microcurrent therapy, as well as quantum photon reception techniques. Medical and biological studies of skirmion quantum technologies are conducted, as well as laboratory studies of telesomatic phenomena in the conditions of resonance of characteristic quantum-wave processes.